Wolf Pack Triathlon Training Squad

What is the Wolf Pack?

The Wolf pack is the ultimate in triathlon coaching: Twice daily face to face coached sessions with our world class certified coaches. Our limited spaces for this squad means we can provide a service for the triathlete seeking the most unique and specialist triathlon training experience.

Wolf pack allows us as coaches to monitor each athlete daily and allow for the athletes rest, recovery, stress, adaption or any other factors to be dealt with to maximize each athletes potential.

Every athletes response to training stress is very personal to their genetics and through Wolf pack we can bring each athlete to their desired goals in their ultimate physical shape and mental peak.

Rest days are delivered as & when athletes need

So what does this mean for you? We are inclusive regardless of speed and aspiration whether you want to finish a Sprint Triathlon or race to qualify for the IRONMAN World Championships we have a place for you. Each pack is limited to 10 people maximum. We work with your mind as well as your body to build self confidence that your goals can be achieved.

Included in the Wolf Pack is:

Included in the Wolf Pack (half)

Pay As You Go

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM Bike Strength & Conditioning Bike Strength & Conditioning Brick Self Guided Ride Self Guided Run
PM Turbo Strength & Conditioning Swim Run
Wolf Pack (per month) - £250.00

Wolf Pack - Half and Pay As You Go

Wolf Pack (Half) - Pick any four sessions in the week, you decide morning or evening plus the free Thursday run session all for £150/month.

Wolf Pack (PAYG) - You decide the sessions and book online - £12/training session

Wolf Pack - Half (per month) - £150.00
Wolf Pack - Pay as you go - £12.00